A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life

A great reference for dealing with the ~Coronavirus, COVID-19~

A positive attitude is the most important factor in helping you lead a happier and more satisfying life that is filled with success. 
A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life shows you how such things as beliefs, choices and values help you overcome the negative thinking that can drag you down.

If you or someone you know is seeking happiness, motivation, inspiration, or success, take a look at this memorable little book. Filled with wisdom and helpful suggestions, it makes a great graduation gift. It is also a must-have for people of all ages who are struggling through tough times.

A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life offers 26 concepts to help you dump the negatives in your life and latch on to the solid basics that will help you move forward and succeed. The concepts appear alphabetically from A to Z.

Each concept is distilled down to about 350 words on a single page to make it easy to understand. Each concept is also linked with a memorable full-page color photograph to reinforce and breathe life into the theme. Repetition underscores the ideas and allows each concept to stand on its own.

The clear, straightforward style of A Is for Attitude makes it an effective guide and reference source for everyone from teens to the elderly. It also provides a solid basis for discussions between and among individuals, families, educators, groups, organizations, and societies.

A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life retails on its Amazon.com page at $9.95 for the print version and $6.99 for the Kindle version. The price is an excellent bargain for a full-color book with gorgeous photographs. You can view the Kindle version in color or grayscale for non-color eBook readers.

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About Beth Parks

Dr. Beth Parks is a writer and photographer whose works have appeared in newspapers and magazines, as well as on national television. She traveled extensively and has visited all seven continents, dozens of countries and all fifty United States.

Beth enjoyed successful careers as a Cooperative Extension educator and professor, wildlife biologist, researcher, and public information specialist. She was a registered nurse who worked in several states and operating rooms in MASH and evacuation hospitals in Vietnam. She also served in Germany at what is now called the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, which is the largest U.S. military hospital outside the continental United States.

In working with youth, Beth integrated research-based education, hands-on learning, and community resources to help young people develop the skills they needed to become responsible, productive citizens and leaders.

Learn more about Beth and her adventures & projects at bethparks.com.

Phenomenal. Everyone should read it. (Susan T, ME)

We forget as a crazed, busy, overwhelmed society that life is what we make it. For me, your book spoke directly to me, and I desperately needed that right now. Thank you. 😀 😀 I have spent the majority of my life with an uncharacteristically positive and optimistic outlook given where I came from, which was far from idyllic. I am a no nonsense, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get on with it type of person. The last couple of years with serious illness and some other very serious challenges had taken their toll with my attitude and constant worry. Your book helped me to pull myself back out of where I'd been sinking to and I'm in a hugely better place today than I was even Friday. It will sit beside my bed forever to remind me where I need to be.

I am buying copies for each of my (grown) children in the hope that it will inspire them as it has me to take the time to remember what life is really about. 

Great gift for graduates, caregivers, & those who are stressed (Carney Doucette, ME)

"A is for Attitude" is a book filled with wisdom on how to navigate through life's challenges. I believe that this is a great gift for youth graduating from high school, young adults just starting out on their own, and for caregivers and people facing illness and other stressful events. It has become my favorite gift to give. In my copy, I enjoy reading a section, looking at the beautiful photo that represents it, and reflecting on what it means in my current situation. This book reminds me how to get unstuck and move forward again with a smile on my face. Truly inspirational!

Attitude, the most important asset (Caty Mock, OH)

This book is amazing. Beautiful photography and beautiful words. It is easy, well-written prose to guide you to a more fulfilling life. Each concept is accompanied by a gorgeous photograph taken by the author on her travels all over the world. The photos alone are reason to buy the book. As well as for yourself, this little book would make an inspiring gift for a young person or someone going through a serious illness.

Beautiful (Stacey Langkamer for Kay Reuter, PA)

What a Beautiful book ! What can I say about it's contents? They are truly inspirational. I read it cover to cover in one session. Now I shall read a "letter" a day at a time as part of my morning devotions. There is so much to really ponder. (Written by a friend for Kay Reuter)

A is for Awesome (S. Watt, NJ)

I loved this book so much! Dr. Parks partners beautiful photographs with wise words for living a peace filled, fully aware, and rich life!

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