Sample Photographs

Below are some representative photo samples from A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life.

The actual size of these and the other photographs in the book is 8.5 " x 8.5"

A Is for Attitude
A Is for Attitude
A Is for Attitude
A Is for Attitude
A Is for Attitude
A Is for Attitude

A Is for Attitude features 26 photos, each linked with a letter of the alphabet. Each photo represents a one-page concept designed to bring the reader happiness and success. The above pictures were taken in various locations around the world:

  • Attitude: Antarctica
  • Believe: Mt. Desert Island, Maine
  • Happiness: Kenya, Africa
  • Journey: Assam, India
  • Smile: Tanzania, Africa
  • Time: Corea, Maine

Other Attitude photos were taken in such places as Brazil, New Zealand, Chile, Rwanda, and Nepal.