Table of Contents

The concepts addressed in A Is for Attitude: An Alphabetical Guide to the Good Life are organized alphabetically from A to Z. They lead you to the core of who you are as a human being. Their purpose is to help you dump the negatives in your life and latch on to the solid basics that will help you move forward and thrive.

A Is for Attitude offers wisdom handed down from generations of experience. Each concept is distilled to make it easy to understand and remember. A photograph of a person, animal, place, or thing helps to reinforce and breathe life into each topic. Repetition underscores the ideas and allows each concept to stand on its own.


  • Attitude
  • Believe
  • Choices
  • Dream
  • Explore
  • Forgive
  • Golden Rule
  • Happiness
  • Invest
  • Journey
  • Knowledge
  • Love
  • Motivation
  • Nature
  • Opportunity
  • Play
  • Question
  • Responsibility
  • Smile
  • Time
  • Unknown
  • Values
  • Wholeness
  • Excellence
  • You
  • Zest